Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Blogtoberfest day 13 - Outside my ................ part two

Outside my sewing/computer room window right NOW a little blue Wren is hopping around. I can hear many other Bird calls, the air is quite still and the sky is blue with a scattering of clouds. The over the bridle path neighbours bottle brush is quietly singing its praises to God (I guess that's what the birds are doing too). I just love looking out onto God's fabulous creation
Another "outside" my back door is this garden bench so we can sit and quietly gaze out and look at God's creation. I often just sit here and reflect on the many blessings God has given me. My beautiful home, wonderful family, gorgeous friends and of course the ultimate gift ever given Jesus.

This is our fence to the side of the house where our property meets the bridle path, we are looking up the bridle path here. if you travel to the end of this bridle path there is an opening in the fence and a way to continue riding your horse (for those who have a horse - we live on what use to be the race track) all the way to the equestrian common.

Outside one of my bedroom window is the clothesline and Haylee has decided she likes hanging clothes on the line. She pops her ipod on and off she goes.

Outside my bathroom window are more trees and bushes, these are hibiscus and are in desperate need of a hair cut but I have no idea how to.

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Lucky-1 said...

I adore Blue Wrens. Saw my first one about 2 years ago, up in the Adelaide Hills.I have a few little statues around the house of these wrens. You are very lucky indeed:D