Sunday, July 05, 2009

Get Real Baby

Its been a while since Lusi has challenged us to a get real baby - she's been a little busy with her new baby Zippi.
Anyway she has challenged us to blog about a room in our home and the memories it brings.
So I guess my challenge to myself and to you too is to document your life as it is right now. Room by room. Memory by memory. I'm starting with the place that I am most often in and just basically went around the kitchen and took photos of things that mean something to me or that I might want to remember in years to come. But I want to emphasise that this is not an exercise in what the room 'looks' like as much as it is what kind of feelings and memories that we associate with the things in that room.
I have tweaked it slightly to share some memories but also to let you see "ME" in my home. The real me I guess. So here is my family room warts and all.
So really I spend a lot of time alone our family room. john & I have very different tastes in TV so he watches in the lounge & I watch in the family room.
Really I do tend to dump a lot of stuff in the family room.
But its also full of memories - mostly Johns as this room is full of furniture from his family home and his grandparents home.
This chair with my coat on it was a broken down chair with no seat when we found it in the "shed" but I convinced John it would become a great reading chair for work - that didn't happen so now we have a beautiful charger in our family room.

The case on the blue desk is full of old photos many of them we do not know who they are. But they were precious enough for my mum to keep so they will stay in the case until we can decide what to do with them. I have put a few of the old pics in frames down my hallway even if I don't know the memory behind them. I did take a pic of the case opened but for some reason it didn't load when I it tried to.

I adore candles so I have lots of them around the family room. Some night I burn them all and turn off the light and enjoy some candlelight and aromas. I also love to play with wax and have a wonderful scar just above the elbow on my right arm form when I was once playing with the wax from some stress release candles that were given to me for Christmas one year.

Another piece of furniture with family memories for John is the pianola. he remembers the nights around the pianola with his parents and grandparents as a youngster.
There is not a lot of things around our home from my childhood but on this pianola is a vintage canvas I made recently of my parents wedding.
And much to Johns horror the pianola also has become a bit of a dumping ground. i really don't like putting things away, but I have been embarrassed into putting them away now.

I am a quilter and have many quilts laying around the home. You will often see my kids wrapped in a quilt. These are definitely memories in the making. The one in the basket was the first flannel quilt I made. Royce claimed it straight away and loved it so much that it is sooooo falling apart from him dragging it around the house with him. I can't bring myself to throw it away because it really could tell us lots of stories.

My chair, many prayers, tears and fun times have been had on this chair. again many memories in the making.

This last photo is of my scrap stuff that I took to the SWS scrap day yesterday. S usual just dumped in the family room until I finally got around to putting it away late this afternoon.
So there's a glimpse into my life with a few memories thrown in.
I would love to finish by sharing the very first memory I have of this our 2nd family home.
We had lived at Greenwell Point for almost 20 years. We were busting out of the seams and were considering putting a shed in the backyard for our son to live in. But it was getting a bit stressful as we were not agreeing (son & I that is) on the size. On the day b4 Johns 50th birthday he took us on a drive to supposedly show us a new type of shed. Unbeknown to us John had decided to look for a new home - he rang a real estate and told them you have one this one chance to find me a home and then proceeded to list off all the things we needed.
Well we started coming down this private driveway when John finally tells us that are in fact looking at what he believe will be our new home. WELL I burst into tears as I never thought John would ever leave Greenwell Point. I cried through most of the viewing and yes John did find our new and possibly our dream home. When I got to the kitchen my mouth just dropped as it has the biggest walk in pantry with bench space all along the back wall and loads of shelving for appliances, John turned to the real estate guy and said "Yep that's the reaction I said she would have". We have been here for 4 years next week and I still wake up thinking how blessed I am to live in this beautiful home and for the loving husband who found it for us (with God's help of course).

5 things I am thankful for
1) Our beautiful home
2) My wonderful husband who despite the fact that he is very predictable does still sometimes surprise me
3) Two beautiful young adult children
4) Great friends
5) memories


clare's craftroom said...

What a lovely story of your home Gail .

Karen L said...

Gail I have loved doing this challenge too and loved reading the memories of your family room. Loved hearing about the moving into your new home and it is great to hear that four years down the track you are still feeling blessed just living there.

Bev C said...

Gail,loved hearing and touring around your home. Give your husband another hug for being so wonderful and getting you and your family your new home. Hope you have a lovely day.

Debs said...

Oh Gail thank you for sharing a part of your wonderful home and memories. I started to get tears when I read about your new home and how it all came about.

Rachel said...

That is a terrific memory about how you found your home!

And I love those quilts - just beautiful!

Thank you for taking the time to comment on my sister's post about her Baby Gracie. It meant so much to her to read those words of support - and we are so blessed to be able to support Sufficient Grace Ministries in turn. Thank you for being a part of that!


Karen's Korner said...

Thanks for sharing your home and thoughts with us. I enjoyed reading about them.

Melanie said...

Thank you for showing us around your family room Gail, the story of how you found your dream house is beautiful.

lusi said...

Hi Gail! Thanks for joining in the challenge again and being a REAL encouragement :) I love the story of how you found your home and what a blessing John is!
Love all the touches and treasures in your family room - so warm and loving! Thanks for sharing Gail :)
Love to you my friend!
Lus x