Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Get real Baby - Today

Lusi's prompt for this week is "Today"

So today really I got out of bed at 6.10am (yay) and had my quiet time that started in the family room with the heater on and a flanny quilt around me.

Really I caught up on computer work and sorted out some items that needed posting

Really I had my morning routine done (all but the bathrooms as they were clean) b4 I left home at 9.30.

Really I started work at 10 am and one of my first customers was just plain difficult. He wouldn't believe me that I couldn't trace the book he was looking for. By the time he left after saying "I will get that book and bring it back to prove to you its available" - I was so drained I walked out to the office closed the door and let out a very loud black hole (that's a scream with no noise).

Really this afternoon when another customer didn't believe me that I couldn't trace her book I almost burst into tears (US publication only).

Really I am waiting for my son to come home to cook tea.

Really I had 2 little girls over this afternoon while I taught one of them to sew. She made great progress today and finished her chenilled cushion cover.

Really I am tired -not enjoying waking up every 2 hours.

Really I should be sewing my paper bag swap or writing up my instructions for my class at the SWS retreat (next w/e) instead of playing in blogger and Face book.

Really I am looking forward to Australian Master Chef tonight.


lusi said...

Hi there lovely Gail!
Sorry to hear about the very persistent customers! I can just picture you with your quilt in your morning quiet time. Bless you mate for once again being real and reminding us all that life isn't about being *perfect*. God bless you mate every day,
Love Lus x

Melanie said...

Your day sounds like my entire work week. One mean customer after another. lol

I hope you get the class material written up for the retreat. I can't believe its next weekend.

Gayle said...

Great post Gail. I loved the 'and let ot a black hole' bit...lol...can just picture you doing that.
I am yet to do a Get Real Baby post...
I am teaching my girls to sew soon...just need to buy some fabric. They are really looking forward to it and will be a great age to start. We are starting on cushions too...although Tay wants to make a princess dress..told her that might need to wait a while :)