Monday, May 04, 2009

Making your home a haven
For this week's Making Your Home a Haven challenge, let's focus on tidying and cleaning the entrance way to our homes!
When your husband or children come through the door, are they stepping over toys, shoes, and crumpled rugs, or are they greeted by a clean, clear landing for their tired feet? :)
Let's organize, clear out, and clean around our doorway(s) and entrance(s)! Maybe you need to re-organize, or maybe your children need a training session about
where their shoes, mittens, hats, etc. belong! ;)

This is one of those areas that we don't really have to work on. At the front door there is an old wicker laundry hamper that all shoes go in and that's all. the back door has a table outside it so sometime it gets things put on it. But again just inside the back door is a big plastic tub for shoes.

Tammy also challenge us last week to review our morning routine, bedtimes, evening routine and getting up times.

I am really happy with my morning routine - it gets done by 10am most mornings (often with extra jobs thrown in) but I don't do it at all on the weekends.

My bedtime is still good between 9.30 & 10pm most nights.

Evening routine just doesn't work for me. I really don't like to do anything in the evening so I have changed it to things I know I can do . So my NEW evening routine is soak oats for my breakfast bircher muesli, put away clothes, prepare clothes for next day, check emails, face book & forums.

The other problem area I have is my getting up time. I really would like to get up at between
6- 6.30 but am not sleeping well (waking every 2 hours) so am struggling to get out of bed at 7.30 (this morning I dragged myself out at 8am but I still managed to get my morning routine done by 11am).

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