Saturday, May 30, 2009


After seeing a few vintage canvasses in some very gorgeous blogs I decided I would love to try my hand at a vintage canvas. I have a dear friend who I know love anything old, I knew vintage was right up her alley, so I invited her over for a day of vintage canvassing. We started by having lunch together yesterday and doing a wee bit of vintage shopping b4 lunch. We bought the most cutest little tiny canvas on their own easels , a linen canvas and the only way we could get the right size for what we wanted to do was to buy a kids painting canvas with piccy drawn on the canvas and little pots of paints. We then raided our stash of bits from our mums and mother in laws "stuff" (doilies - plastic and crochet & lace hankies) even found some of our grandma's buttons add to that some ric rac, lace an braid and we were ready to create vintage. let me tell you we didn't think we were going to get anywhere in the beginning as nothing was working, vintage is not a natural thing or me/us . But by lunch time we were on our way. I am really happy with how mine turned out. Haylee was working on old photos of John's family and I worked on my families photos. And then to have a bit of fun I did a contemporary mini canvas to finish the day.
The first canvas is my parents wedding, the second is a family Christmas but b4 I was born - I simply love this photo, take a look at the joy on my siblings faces and the way Stuart is clutching at his gift like it is the most special thing eh has ever been given, love those hats too. The mini canvas was taken Boxing day 2007 when Roz visited us from Qld with her two children Jack & Ellen, we hadn't seen them since b4 Ellen went to school, so this moment had to be captured.
the last two canvasses were made by Haylee, I haven't taken a photo of the contemporary canvas she made and boy did she whip that one up in no time. The first is of John's father as a boy and his mum & dad etc (he is the biggest boy) and the 2nd is his parents Wedding. We decided that I would do my family and Haylee would do Johns.


clare's craftroom said...

They are so beautiful Gail , I really love vintage .

Katie said...

Your canvases look amazing Gail! Love the idea of using doilies...might have to try that myself!

Debs said...

Beautiful work Gail. I just love the look you have created.