Sunday, April 26, 2009

Todays special visitor

We had a very special visitor to our place today. An Echidna. Now we are use to seeing all sorts of wildlife, ducks, rabbits, birds of all types (my fave are the finch's) even kangaroos, as we do live reasonably close to bush, but this is the first time we have had an Echidna. Royce spotted it first as he noticed Ziggy stalking something. We rang the wildlife people who simply said put all animals inside and once the Echidna knows here is no danger he will simply move on.

Here he is in defense/hiding mode - all curled up in a ball of prickles under a bush.
But when he decided all was safe he was on the move. John called for me to quickly come out with the camera to get some shots. I can't believe how fast he was moving. I kept getting missing him is my shots until I worked out that where he needed to be in my screen.
He did start to curl up in his ball a few times while I was taking pics but when he realised I was no threat he kept going.

I love this close up of him.
Haylee plans to scrap these so keep an eye out on her blog - hopefully she will find time to update it.


Beverley said...

Wow ... isn't it amazing how God designed such incredible animals. Not sure if I'd like to be up so close to him though ... he looks very prickly! Tell Haylee I like the idea of her updating her blog!!!

Melanie said...

Wow, what a wonderful surprise.
I love the close up one of him too. I can't wait to see how Haylee scraps them.