Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Making your home a haven

I haven't posted since the first week of making your home a haven and we are now into our fourth week.

The first week Tammy challenged us to write a morning routine. I did that (check out my post a few down) and am happy to report that I have kept this up most days but have found that I don't always need to do the 10 minute tidy up, all thanks to the 30 second rule. The 30 second rule is, if it will take 30 seconds or less don't put it off do it now. Believe me IT WORKS, I have never been a put it away type of person but this has changed my life. So a HUGE thank you to Sarah on SOF for that FABULOUS idea.

Tammy has suggested we review it and change it if it is not working I am happy with mine so its going to stay.

The second weeks challenge was to set a bedtime, that's OK I have always been a 9.30-10.30 bed person so that hasn't changed except its more 9.30 most days due to not getting unbroken sleep for several weeks now.

The Third week - I didn't like this one and don't think I did very well at all - was to "to choose love and joy during those moments when we're tempted to be grumpy and unpleasant". Better try a bit harder this week.

Now for this weeks challenge.

"This week's challenge is to implement an Evening Routine!
Your evening routine can consist of five (or fewer) things that you can do each evening to help give you (and your home!) a better start the following day. Sometimes the extra 5 minutes spent planning ahead for the next day is all it takes to make your home more of a haven. :)"

Now I have to be honest - I am a total veg out person at night, I don't like to do anything home related. I might sew or even watch TV but do not like to do housework , but I can plan my next day.

So lets see what I believe is achievable in the evenings to make my days easier.

1) Write a to do list - I can manage that one.

2) Wipe out bath tub - this will mean it will be much easier to clean on its cleaning day.

3) Put away the clothes that my wonderful DH has washed & folded, they usually sit there for a few days b4 I get to them. prepare work uniform if working next day (may include ironing a shirt).

4) Rinse & stack dishes ready for DH to load into dishwasher in the morning (this is one area we are very slack in, the dishes get done in the morning in our home). prepare bircher museli for breaky.

5) Read a Psalm b4 my bedtime reading.

Now again I will have to say that this is going to be a challenge for me. But lets see how I go.


Melanie said...

I like the 30 sec cleaning rule, I find that if I do things in smaller doses like wipe the basin after cleaning my teeth, its so much easier come cleaning day.

I like your bedtime routine.

Laura Lou said...

Love your transparency--none is perfectly executing these routines, but it's so nice to hear it once in a while, eh?

Love a routine that looks quite doable!! Have a great week.

miss~nance said...

Day one completed. And can I say that it felt good to be organised.