Friday, March 27, 2009

Handicrafts & Creativity

May the favour of the Lord our God rest upon us;
establish the work of our hands for us -
yes, establish the works of our hands.
Psalm 90:17

"Handicrafts serve as a means of communication among people who are afraid, shy or sick, or even people who speak different languages. There is something reassuring, homely, pleasant and relaxing to see someone embroidering or knitting in an airport or on a train. One feels a trust and confidence about such a person. If one has similar work at hand, one becomes friends almost without words. Or one might ask what the other is doing and a bond of friendship, gentle & warm, is established with this person who only a short time ago was a stranger. the handcraft is a bridge.

All creative effort is from God, & people who do handcrafts create. To create is to be at peace, for in creating one is joined with the creator. Creativeness is one with the needs of our humanity and of the gifts of God to us. Handicrafts also are one more way of restoring wholeness in the natural and psychological order so as to better restore us to God. the loneliness of modern people has almost reached a point of no return; but in a common effort of creativity, men & women may find someone else who is interested in similar crafts, and become friends through their craftsmanship. Friendship is still the most precious possession that a human being can share. So handicrafts open the door to both friendship & creativity. these aspect go together, for friendship both creates & demands creativity to grow."

This was a devotion I read last week and has been on my mind to share with you as many of you - my readers - are friends that I have made through my crafts - some from SOF, some from the craft forum and some real life friends but mostly you are crafters. God has given us a special bond through creativity - he has given us this creativity to express many things and for me one of them is his love for me. My prayer is that all my readers will one day know that love of God as I do.


Melanie said...

I think this is so true, being creative and sharing it makes me a happier person.

Thank you for your friendship Gail.

miss~nance said...

Thank you for yours Mel ((((((((((((()))))))))))))))

Chrissy said...

Gail honey, that really spoke to me... you made my heart smile with your words. You are a love. :)
Chrissy x