Sunday, March 08, 2009


I'm a little (well over a week ) late with this weeks Get real baby post. Lusi has given us an extra challenge and has added a prompt to each week. This weeks prompt is wait for it ............. holidays.


Really - I am in the last week of my 3 week holiday. I went to a health retreat spa for 3 days and the rest has been taking it easy at home. Catching up on some UFO sewing.

Really - the best Holidays I have are the ones that I go on my own to the Health retreat each year.

Really - I have only flown once and that was last November to go to the SOF retreat in Brisbane. Both kids had flown b4 their mum.

Really - we have only had 2 actual holidays as a family.

Really - the first holiday was a disaster. Should have known when we got to the other side of Nowra and stopped at Macca's to have breaky that when I reached across the table & put my shoulder out to go home, right then. So we spent 10 days with Haylee & I screaming at each other, we shorted out a caravan park when we washed the Royce's clothes because he had thrown up on all of them for all of that part of the trip. we then backed into a tree and spent 1 night in a tent in pouring rain and had to pack up camp also in the rain.

Really - on the second Holiday (to QLd to do 2 theme parks) - which was also a travelling one we gave Royce Actifed CC so he would sleep while we travelled. On the last part of the journey we decided not to and he talked non stop the whole 8 hour trip home, drove us all insane.

Really - when we went on holidays my quiet time with God always suffered badly.

5 things to be thankful for

God's word that encourages, comfort and guides me


Fresh eggs from my sisters chooks for the last week

A great sermon this morning on Prayer.

God's love, grace & forgiveness.

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rozhearts said...

Hi Gail,
I often pop over to your blog to see your beautiful scrapbooking and your creative sewing.
I am still around but not on the forum. I found I was getting too far behind in things I wanted to do so something had to go.
I do often go back to read the forum seems so many are still involved which is great to see.
(((HUGS))) Roz.