Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Get Real Baby

Lusi has encouraged me to be real & shed the skin I want you to see and show you what I really look like. Well really its about seeing the real me, the one with flaws, the not so organised housewife, mum, crafter, friend and child of God. To follow Lusi's "Get real baby" follow the link in my side bar.

So I would like to say I was cheerful to all I met yesterday, understanding & loving. That I got up early and had my quiet time. That I did all that was on my list to do. BUT

In reality

I have slept in 2 days in a row and didn't get to have my prayer and bible study time at ALL yesterday.

Really I only had my quiet time today after reading my emails and checking the computer (I want it to be the first thing I do - grab a cuppa and spend time with God).

Really I was not compassionate towards 2 workmates yesterday - one may have serious health problems . Yes I gave her a hug but I realised that I have let our issues getting in the way of really loving her as I should. The others FIL died - I haven't seen her but I know in my heart I have not loved her as I should (again I have let issues get in the way).

Really - I am this upbeat, happy person, who bounces back - but honestly I am tired and very emotional and am finding it hard to be the person people want to see.

Really - I am struggling to stand back and let my children (20 & 22) make their own choices - which sometimes means their own mistakes.

Really - there is so much happening in my life, my families life and the life of my friends that I am struggling to keep it together.

Really I am selfish with my time and always seem to put what I want to do in front of what God wants me to do and what I should be doing for my family - like keeping the house clean.

Really my to do list has only 2 jobs completed and 2 half done of the 6 house jobs and none of the sewing jobs done.

ETA 5 things I am thankful for:-

A beautiful home
A loving and helpful house husband
2 healthy children
A job I just love
God loving me no matter what I do


lusi said...

oh sigh - so i'm not alone in feeling these exact things hey? i send my love and hugs to you as my dear sister as we both realise that in order for the Lord to really work in us, on us and through us that we can be REAL :)
Love you and thanks for being brave and sharing your heart with us.
Lus x

Neek said...

Thank you for sharing! :)

Renee said...

Thankyou for sgaring these things with us.

renee xox

Karen L said...

Gail it is so nice to see you are real just like us all - thanks for sharing with us - love you mate.

Maz said...

Hi Gail,

Thanks for stopping by and also sharing your real things with us. I totally get the compassion thing - it is hard when you know how you "should" feel/behave but you just don't get there.

But I love that you love your job - I love mine too and it makes life so much better!

Maz xx

Chrissy said...

Oh Gail I sooo hear you with letting the kids make their own decisions and sometimes mistakes. With my young teens I seem to walk a fine line on that one too! *sigh*

Thankyou for being so brave, it's so wonderful to see us all sharing our true hearts....

God bless!
Chrissy x