Monday, June 16, 2008

It could only happen to me

last Thursday I decided I was going to have a bit of a pamper and have a home facial. I cleansed scrubbed and then steamed my face with intex oil oh it felt good. The I put on the mask. After about 10 minutes I heard the dog make a sound like he wanted to get out so I wandered around to see what was causing his upset (he was in the back room with the door closed as Royce left about 15 minutes earlier and left the gate opened). I found a paddy wagon - yes a Police Car - in my front yard. Well my heart flew to my mouth as John had spent the night ob BOwral and Royce was about to go to Canberra. So I go to the door and there are 2 police woman - at this point I remember I have a face mask on and a turban on my head, feeling a wee bit embarrased I apologise for my looks and explain I was having a pamper day (I am so glad they were police WOMEN). They then proceed to ask me if we had a Nissan Navarro vehicle, they gave me the number plates - so quickly in my head I had to place each car we own and the number plates - and let me tell you my brain has been on strike for the last 2 weeks and I am sure I looked like a right narna as I said I don't think so. Is it a sedan. When she answered no its a ute I felt a whole lot better no utes in this home ( a van yes, we use to own a nissan and Royces Skyline is a Nissan). Anyway finally we work out that the ute belongs to the people we bought the home from. So they left wishing me an enjoyable pamper.

I was shaking so much by the time they left, with relief I think. About 5 minutes later Royce
comes home and I throw my arms around him and tell how glad I was to see him and that I loved him. He passed the paddy wagon on the way in so he wasn't surprised at my story.

Next time I decide to do a facial I will make sure someone else is home, so I can at least run to the bathroom and wash it off.


KAYCEE said...

Nothing worse then that, i bet you looked pretty. well lately we have all had terrible news and i dont think some like that would have been good you for you and your family i am glade they are all ok. Oh i will catch up with you for my facial

Happyjen said...

Yep that's pretty scary when that happens, glad it wasn't any bad news.... we sure don't need any more bad news for a while.
I hope u could sit down and enjoy the rest of ur pampering.
hey Kase I think we could all do with that facial

Karen L said...

Gail - my imagination has been working overtime with visions of you at the front door with your face mask - so thankful though that it was no bad news in regards to your family. Just thought i would let you know to check out my blog, I was so enouraged by your previous post that I have cut and pasted it to my blog - so needed to read that at the time.

Melanie said...

OMGoodness, what a scary for you (hehe and them.)

Im glad that everything is okay though.

Cropworks - turning inspiration into your creation said...

LOL Gail, I have been caught out also with a facial at home.
Hope you are feeling good-I have been praying for you. Did you recieve my card?

Cassie said...

Gail - thanks for visiting my blog. You asked a question about the adhesive I used on my Acrylic word book. I did post an answer after your comment, but in case you don't go back I used my Xyron and ATG gun for the majority of it and made sure the back was covered with something else to hide any glue that might show through the clear pages. It was lots of fun to make. I'll probably be making a boy version soon.


Cassie said...

Funny story by the way!

Pamela said...

I enjoyed your storey Miss Nance!!!

specially since it had a happy ending.

Love Pam