Thursday, May 15, 2008

Getting there slowly

Yesterday I had my stitches out and the Surgeon was quite happy with how it looked and said it all went well. He did find a dint in one of my knee joints, I guess a skating injury. I even have pics of the inside of my knee, very interesting.

I am still limping and my leg gets very tired but the Dr said to listen to my knee and do just what it can handle.

What amazed me with the surgery was how quick they get you moving and out of hospital. I booked in at 10am my anaesthetist (Taff - friend from the theatre) was looking for me as I arrived, he made me feel a lot of better. I went in to the theatre area at 10.50 and was moved in to the operating suite at 11am. Taff and I chatted about my life and by the time it came to put me under I was very relaxed. I woke up at 12.15 was back in my room at 12.30 with a cup of tea and a chicken sandwich. At 1.15 the physio had me doing exercises and walking. I got dressed was put in a chair to wait to be picked up. I was home by 2.15.

So I have been home resting quite a lot and being looked after by my wonderful family. I have read four book and made quite a few caring hearts for my craft forum. Have tried to do a bit of scrapping but sitting in one position for any length of time makes me uncomfortable.

Thank you to all who prayed for me I felt your prayers as I was much calmer this time round.



great to hear you have recoveered well. looks like you and haylee cn help each other out.

Happyjen said...

So glad everything went well and that ur knee is healing.
Take it easy a bit longer, it does get easier to move in a few weeks after surgery.

Karen L said...

Great news about your surgey Gail, but remember to rest it when you can. Still praying for you my friend.