Saturday, March 08, 2008

I haven't forgotten you!!!!!!!!

Really I havent. Life has been hectic, but I couldnt tell you what I have been doing. Our computer has not been behaving itself an had a major meltdown last week and had to be rebuilt.

So now its back and have spent half of this week re-uploading and reinstalling programes so I an do what I do on my putey.

I have a few pics I wanted to share with you. the first is a rare thing for me to see and that is a sunrise. I AM NOT a morning person but have been getting up at 6am to have my quiet time and lately I have been beating the sun.

I sit in our sunroom and gaze out onto Gods playground. Just love the view from my sunroom.

This quilt has been around Australia and back. It started just as the small diamond of appliqued flwoers in the cream fabric and has been built borber by border by my friends at the Craft Forum. I have yet to have it quilted and then it is going to live on this bed in the spare room.

This is the latest display I have done for work and it is for another display comp. It wasnt originally we were just putting up this display for the Peter Rabitt giveaway, but we discovered on the day I was putting it up that there was a comp.

Haylee & Iwent to Shellharbour on Thursday and on the way home we were stopped at road works right next to these gorgeous trees. So I hung out the window and took some pics. Haylee told me I looked like a Japanese tourist.

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Happyjen said...

OMG I can just see u now hanging out the window, was Haylee embarrassed because I think I would have been.
I love the Peter Rabbit display.