Sunday, March 09, 2008

Fabulous day

Had a lovely day yesterday. It did start with doing the Aldi shop which means putting groceries away when I got home, I dont like putting groceries away.

Then Haylee & I picked up Erin & Mark (niece & nephew) and drove to Berry for Banoffe Pie. YUMMMM. We walked around the shops, as you do in Berry. Mark was very excited to pick up some bargains In Haven & Space. I came home without buying anything, now thats a rarity. We even ran into Cathy & Jane in a shop we had never seen b4.

When we arrived home Andrea, Camille, Lucca & Remy were waiting for us for the dogs to have a play together. I had also bought a piece of Banoffee Pie home for ANdrea to try. So we had coffee & Pie while the dogs played.

How cute is this pic of Remy and ZIggy tugging on the old sock. They just love playing together. They tumble and Remmy runs after Ziggy. But Ziggy drewn theline at Remy laying on anyof the big pillows in his room.

Heres Haylee and I with all 4 dogs. Lucca, Ziggy, Hamish and Remy.

Andrea & I just happened to wear matching green shirts.

Finally have re-upooaded and re-installed all the programes on my puter so I was able to start on my SOF project instructions after Andrea left.

The day ended with Scrap of Faiths Live prayer time in MSN. I was only joined by 2 ladies but it was a nice time of Praise and prayer.


Karen L said...

Hey Gail, so nice to see all the updates. Glad to hear you are back on line again - you don't realize how bigger a part of your life the computer plays until you are without it. Love all the photos too.

Happyjen said...

Well sounds like that banoffee pie is very good if ya drive to Berry just to have some.
The dogs must love getting together for a play especially in your yard
Good to see you have updated Sis.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see you blogging again Gail... been and checked marked the faith sister blog (love Rowena's digi work at the site)

totally love the quilt... what a lovely gift to have to remind you of the forum quilters xxx pretty special I think xxx

miss~nance said...

Hi lucy - Rowena's work is gorgeous isnt it. I do pop over to your blog but dont always leave a message.

Scrap Evangel said...

Nice photos. Looks like God is good to you!