Saturday, December 01, 2007

Decmeber 1st

Today was Decemeber one. That means only 24 sleeps till Christmas. I love Christams time, not only is it the time of year we celbrate the best Goft ever given - Gods son, Jesus, we get to have fun decorating the house, eating great food and giving gifts.

I am part of 2 advent swaps this year - one with Scrap of Faith and the other with the Handmade crart forum

The obove baskets are all my gifts and this pic is of the first present I opened today. Thanks Hannah and carla.

These are the Christmas craft I have been working on for the past few weeks. they wll be going up tomorrow withother things I have made over the years. Hoping to finish 2 cushions tomorrow as well.

Haylee knows how stressed I get putting up the tree so she did it while I was at work.

Feeny decided to help her.

The finished tree - aint it pretty.


Karen L said...

Your tree looks gorgeous Gail. I am going to miss putting ours up this year. Not quite Christmas here. Will be decorating our sons's when we get to Brissie though. Christmas down there this year. Your parcels of gifts looks great - lots of lovely fun opening them over the next three weeks.

Happyjen said...

Tree looks great sis, the christmas gear looks awesome.


Oh Gail....I LOVE your christmas tray...stunning. You do such beautiful work.

Miss cath said...

I love Feeny getting in on the act - how cute!

miss~nance said...


We have about 10 pics of Feeny helping. One of us willpost them at a later date.

Mumma_Mone said...

And you even had feeny helping you out.

Jen said...

Hi there miss-nance, thank you for leaving such a lovely comment on my blog. I have just been reading some of yours and I think I continue to visit often! I love the things you have made they're quite lovely. Yes I will possibly continue to blog I have just been a bit down lately, I have been battling stage 4 cancer for about 5 years now and although am finally in tentative remission I still suffer a lot of pain. Anyway I wont go into all details here but thanks your comment was timely. Take care Jen