Sunday, November 04, 2007


Today Haylee & I went to the Penrith Paper Festival. It was a great day not only did we get to shop our socks off (Haylee couldnt believe she spent all her money) but we got to participate in a class with the one and only, fabulous Lusi Austin. She is such a gorgeous person and after meeting her and watching her at work I understand her scrapping style so much more. Lusi walked us through a Practising Grattitude Mini Book. I almost completed the cover and one double sided page. We also had a play whith Lusi's new stamp range - HOW gorgeous are they...

I am very grateful to all the girls at SOF who have been praying for my knee this week - I hardly noticed it today. We have an awesome God who really does care about his people and hears their prayers.

Here are some pics of Lusi, Haylee & I and the one toher lady in our class Sue (the baby belongs to the photographer Rachel a uni friend of Lusi's - who just happened to walk past and call out to Lusi when she was looking for somone to take our pics). Oh and all the goodies I bought today.................... i didnt mention that I won the door prize - a one in three shot - I won a bag of lusi's fav things to scrap with. Lots of goodies including a box of Sakata crackers.


Karen L said...

I just knew you guys would have the best day. Lusi is an amazing generous, inspiring and encouraging woman. You guys look like you had a ball, and also had a HUGE shop. Looking forward to seeing all your creations with it now Gail. So glad too that your knee did not give you any trouble.

Beverley said...

Such a lot of goodies there - it looks like you had a great day. Doing a class with Lusi must have been amazing and glad your knee didn't hold you back.

Katie said...

So glad to hear you had a great day at the papercrafts festival! Wow that must have been awesome meeting Lusi and doing a class with her and checking out her new stamps! Congrats on winning the door prize too!

That looks like a nice stash of new goodies to play with too!

Katie :)

Cass said...

Mmmm.... some gorgeous products there Gail! Glad your knee held up so well. See you Saturday! :D

Rowena said...

Praise God your knee was OK :)
Glad you had a fabulous time

Happyjen said...

Gee Sis, u sure did shop ur socks off, Lucky ur knee held out for u but u could have gone and borrowed a wheelchair if it played up to much, can't missout all that shopping

helenj said...

Glad you had a great day
it was so lovely to see you again
Isnt Lusi just the cutest chick!!!????

lusi said...

Hi gorgeous Gail! I'm sooooooooooooooooo pleased you and your gorgeous Haylee were able to come and hang out and take the class! I was so blessed by your company and encouagement!
Thank you for being so open and for having a great big giggle at times too!
Praise God your knee was ok too for the most part!
Love and blessings as always :)
Love Lus x

Katie said...

Just a quick note to let you know you've been tagged! See my blog for details

Katie :)