Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Happy Birthday Roycey Baby

Its my babies 19th birthday today. Love you buddy. He had to work for most of today and tonight so we had dinner out last night and gave him all his pressies. he even played his first game of snooker with Meagan, they decided they liked pool much better.

Haylee also started her own blog tonight so check it out. This is where you can go to see some of the best scrapping LO's ever.



Happyjen said...


Hi Sis

Karen L said...

Happy Birthday to your big boy too Gail. Off to check out your daughters blog now.

kc said...

Happy Birthday Mate. Can't beleive how fast we grow. miss ya heaps love kase

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Roycey

and your been tagged Gail...check my blogg sweet xx