Tuesday, November 21, 2006

What A Weeek!

Well I have survived what was probably the busiest week of this year - perhaps the last 5 years (tempted to say my life but that would most likely be stretching hte truth a little too far).

Started with Final dress rehearsal for "The Boyfriend" last Sunday 11 Nov.

Monday was the beginning of Christmas catalogue at work so that was a full day of moving stock around, putting a new window together. Very exhausting.

Tuesday we had a surprise 20th b'day bbq for my daughter haylee instead of scrapping for the night.

Wednesday had to unpack 2 pallettes of books and completely reaarange the bargain shop to fit them in. I started at 7.30am worked till 12 noon. That night was pensioner preview for "The Boyfriend" so I had to be at the theatre by 7pm.

Thursday I worked form 10 am till 5pm (they let me off early) then rushed home and quickly showered and dressed for sons year 12 formal. that was really lovely he looked terrific, see piccies of him and his GF, take note of the white skate shoes - thats my baby.

our son was the host of the after pary so we had 120 young adults at our place. they were so well behaved I was amazed. Only one got so drunk we had to send him home - twice. I didnt think it was too noisy but there were a couple of complaints so the police moved the kids off at 2.30am. What really amazed me was that at least 80% of them thanked us for having the party and at least 20% of those gave me a hug good bye.

we climbed into bed at 3am.

I had to work at 9am Friday - by 1.30 I was pettering out big time. When i got home I crashed for 1 1/2 hours. The had to be at the theatre at 5pm as Friday was opening night of "The Boyfriend". I had to help set up. Got home about 11.30.

It was a themed opening with bubbly and nibbles, 1920's dress up and a charlston dance comp. I did the dance twice. I looked a scream in a blond bob and 1920 style black lace dress.

Saturday night I was back at the theatre to do front of house. Part of the cast went to a friends house for drinkies and I got home at 2am. Forgot to mention going grocery shopping and calling into a school fete.

Sunday was a quiet day at home organising swaps and then off to church for cafe church with Nathan Tasker a christian singer, great night.

Last night I was woken by a call from son at 12ish who was staying overnight with a couple of his friends at the home a frind was housesitting. There was a blackout and he couldnt find any torches or candles so he rang us for the Integral energy number. I sat up for about an hour waiting to make sure all was ok. Got back into bed at about 1 - 1.30 am. Of course didn't get back to sleep straight away.

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Sharon said...

Gail - we are flat out at work too...Did I mention that I now work for a franchise A&R too... A little different running order to a company store... You sound like you will need a holiday after this lot...