Monday, October 09, 2006

Havent had time to post in here for a while. What have I been doing, well I really dont know. Have had 2 scrapping days which were just alot of fun. One was a my Church and the other we had at myplace. There were 7 of us at my place and it was the best day we started at 10am, had a wonderful bbq dinner cooked by my John and finsished about 10pm. I made blonies that kept everyone happy. In fact I think Simone may have only come for the blondies!
I have also been very busy with the theatre. I am the assistant producer for "The Boyfriend" and that has been a lot of work, have also been helping with making of coustumes. This week I will be setting up a window display at our box office - can't wait to do that. Will post a piccy once it is done.
Will post some piccies of some of my work in the next few days.

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