Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Busy Making cards

I have been very busy over the last few weeks making cards. The most inmportant card I have made is a card for Sophie Delezio to go with the caring hearts quilt my on line quilitng group has made for her.

The following is the verse I have chosen to put inside the card.

It touched my heart as Sophies plight has touched the heart of many of us. To view the quilt we are putting together go to

Guardian Angels

God gave us each an angel To watch over us with love.
They’re always carrying messages To Him in Heaven above.
They warn us during danger, Encourage us to do what is right,
And will always guard and guide us, Throughout the day and night
. God sent them to protect us, When crisis comes our way,
And to aid us with our problems That we encounter every day.
Thank You, my God in Heaven, For our Guardian Angels dear.
They’re just a token of Your love To help us overcome life’s fears.

Shirley Hile Powell


Rachel said...

Beautiful it will go so well with the Quilt

Lyn B 4 said...

well done it is a beatiful card and verse

miss~nance said...

THanks Lyn & Rachel.

It was a real pleasure to make a card for such a beautiful and inspirational little girl.

Linda said...

Top job Gail!